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Kerry fitting Prosthesis

A Prosthetist provides treatment for patients with limb loss, including providing patients with an artificial limb, known as a prosthesis. Our goal is to equip people who have undergone an amputation with the tools and support they need to live a more active and independent life. Each prosthesis is custom designed and fabricated to restore mobility, function and cosmesis for an amputated extremity.

Our scope of care involves patient assessments, fittings and long-term follow-up care. We also provide full on-site device manufacturing and maintenance. We work closely with other healthcare professionals such as physicians, physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons to ensure that client-centred care is overseen in a multidisciplinary setting.

We use a vast array of materials, components and specifically engineered hydraulic, pneumatic and robotic technologies to meet the needs and goals of our patients. In the field of Prosthetics and Biomechanical Engineering, technologies are rapidly advancing and we work hard to match available technologies with patient needs and goals in order to ensure that your prosthesis works for you and your lifestyle.

We have recently started integrating Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM) at our practice. Using Optical Scanning Technology, a patient’s limb is scanned and a complete 3D image is produced. After the Prosthetist modifies the image digitally, the mold is carved and the digital image of the limb is reproduced in foam as a positive model. Using this technology allows us to fit patients with a new prosthesis more quickly than ever.


Further definition of prosthetists as provided by Orthotics/Prosthetics Canada


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The Digital Age

Northland Prosthetics and Orthotics Inc. is proud to announce that we have invested in CAD CAM technology for our facility.  Our company has acquired a TecMed3D white light laser scanner and Rodin4D digital carver for the practice.  It is our hope in doing so that we can speed up our production thereby reducing turn around times and delivering our products to our clients faster.

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Our Services are Expanding!

As of January 2016 Northland Prosthetics is now offering custom orthotic services! We have rolled out our new name, and are now equipped to provide custom orthotic devices ranging from foot orthotics to upper and lower extremity bracing. Phone to book an assessment with Val for your orthotic needs.

Prosthetics in the News

This local news article highlights some of the bureaucratic issues behind prosthetic and orthotic funding in Ontario.

Artificial Limb Users See Burden of Red Tape

First Genium Knee Fitting

Our C-Leg certification has advanced! Our first patient to be fit with a Genium waterproof microprocessor knee is loving his new leg.